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Friday, 22 July 2016

Things Progress

As things move on slowly, but surely forward, Boney is growing nicely, Bumpy is growing too. Had a slight worry last week, Boney was displaying symptoms of possible pre-eclampsia, which was a little worrying! She'd been suffering from spots in front of her eyes, a slightly swimmy head and a few other concerning symptoms, so we went to our local hospital, after consulting with the daycare midwives.
We arrived there in short order, handed in Boney's notes and went to sit down. As per their usual, they asked for a urine sample, which they dipped with their magical sticks of wisdom, which give them all the information they need. Apparently, there was no protein in evidence there, which meant that (fortunately) there was no way that Boney could be suffering from pre-eclampsia. However, there was signs of raised leukocytes, which is something that has shown up repeatedly during previous midwife appointments, however, we have been told each time that this is due to the natural discharge that pregnant ladies have, but on this occasion the hospital based midwife decided for precautionary measures, that she would send the sample down to Pathology to be checked and it was found that there was an infection which needed to be treated with antibiotics. Collected them today, so Boney is now on the mend.
In other developments, our home is slowly being changed from a place of just a husband and wife, but into a family home, we are decorating rooms, buying toys, clothes and furniture. Gradually changes are coming along and it feels fantastic. One piece of advice we would give is, check eBay, Gumtree and charity shops for items of clothing, furniture and toys in fantastic condition at rock bottom prices. There are bargains to be found, especially if you search at the right time and in the right places. Sometimes a minor mis-spelling can end up getting you an amazing find at a properly low price. Example, we picked up a cot, wardrobe and chest of drawers/changer on Gumtree, originally from Ikea, for £100. These items are in top quality condition, almost new, we were very lucky to find them, or rather, Boney was very lucky to find them, as she is rarely off of her tablet looking for the bargains. She is a Gumtree Bargain Spotting Fiend!!!
Anyroads, Dear Reader, as always, I am doing this fairly late at night, so I need to finish this post up and get myself off to bed...