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Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Little Closer To Our Beginning

Well, this coming Tuesday we are going to see our consultant who will hopefully have good news for us. Boney has managed to get to within 6lb (as of last Wednesday) of the target weight she had been told she had to reach for treatment to begin. From the time of our initial meeting back in 2010, Boney has been driven to reach her goal weight, so far losing a total of over six and a half stone from her highest weight. Such an inspiration and someone to be proud of.
We wait with baited breath as to what our consultant will say, just hoping that our tests come back with a similar, if not better, results. I will be back on here to let you, my faithful readers, know what has been told to us...

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Weigh In & Tests

Hello again, folks...

After our appointment last Tuesday, I thought things might settle down a bit here at Mutt Mansion, sadly that hasn't been the case. As those who have been on a similar journey to ours know, there are multiple tests that need to be performed, and they in themselves can be a great source of stress, if you let them. Boney is a stressful, but beautiful lady. We have only certain days on which the hospital will accept my sample for testing and it needs to be in before a certain time and we also have to inform the pathologist what it contains. Could be kind of

To my mind, this is nothing to worry any great shakes about, though to Boney, it is a kind of thorny subject. When can I sort myself out for the specimen? Is the pot big enough? Will I be able to get it to the hospital in time? Will I remember to tell the pathologist what the sample is?...etc, you get the idea. To me, it's a case of the right time and can I get to the path lab in less than 60 minutes from the time the sample is put into the pot. I say this now and you just know that I will mess something

On a better note, when we weighed in last Wednesday, we both had cracking losses of 4lb each and I'm hoping for another loss this week, especially for Boney as it means that our dream will be coming ever closer to fruition. I'll check back in soon and let you know...

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Another Referral

Today we went for our re-referral visit, saw a lovely consultant. She was so encouraging and enthusiastic, and was so positive to Boney, especially over her weight loss, which Boney has been doing so amazingly, five stone and counting. The consultant also said that with Boney's exceptional weight loss that she has so far achieved, the initial BMI for treatment has been moved from 30 to 32, for when the drug regime can begin, providing that my semen analysis comes back in good order.

It is such a relief off of our minds to know that we are now beginning the journey for real this time and not just a stopgap visit, but truly moving forward now. Our hearts are now filled with a new hope and determination to lose weight and achieve our wishes and goals. When we came out of the hospital, we were virtually unable to talk, as we were so, so happy. Now is our time to shine and branch out, making 2013 our fullest year of positivety...