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Saturday, 25 September 2010

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Well, quite a bit actually...

During this journey, Boney and I have had some extreme ups and downs. This is to be expected during this time of our lives, but it still makes things seem pretty hard. There's the usual arguments, though none of them attach blame to anybody for our current situation, there's also the silent treatments me expose each other to. But we're working our way through so much at the moment, obviously.

I can remember a particularly bitter argument we had, I'll spare you the details, but in the end I slammed a door with enough force to knock over a picture frame, which escalated things, hurtful things were then said, then there was more shouting and hollering at each other, whereupon Boney stormed upstairs to have some space. With in, maybe, 30 seconds, she's calling out to me to come and cuddle her, as there was a report on the news on the radio that had disturbed her. 1 or 2 seconds after that, I was holding her in my arms and comforting her.

My reason?

Even though we may argue over stupid things, simple things, trivial things, major and minor things, Boney is my wife and I love her to pieces, she's my world, my universe, my reason for being. The arguments are part of that love and because of that love we're going along our journey, hoping each month that the BFP will show up for us.

Those of you who are in the same position as we are, please, don't blame one another or try and push each other away. Talk amongst yourselves, to your family, to your friends. Even though they may not have been through what you're going through, they may well know someone who has or is, and might even be able to pass on a few wee nuggets of priceless advice. I hope we can do that for you too.

Take care out there and look after yourselves, cheers for reading...

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Hi, Boney can't stop dictating for me to type...

I just want to say, how lucky and privileged I feel that Mutt and I are being taken along our journey with the NHS, however, I do feel guilty because I feel p***ed off about the fact that Mutt and I can not just make love to make a baby.

I want to be able to accept the help and advice that we are currently getting and feel good about the progress that we are making, however, I can't stop wishing that our time to become parents will come sooner rather than later. I have to be honest now, we do not know if we need IVF or other "labelled" treatments, but I am really scared, even at this point of not really knowing. I've had to think long and hard about how I, as a woman, may cope with having IVF treatment, from my point of view, Mutt's sperm will be implanted in me and I don't know how I will cope with this whole idea of our assisted conception.

I do REALLY crave a baby with Mutt and feel we could offer him or her unconditional love. I do not want people who read this to think that I am ungrateful for what we are receiving, whatever that happens to be. It's just with me, that I fear the unknown.

Thanks for reading and sharing my thoughts and feelings, lots of love Boney...

What's In A Word?

We have been around to see our friends today, Steak and Chips (again, obviously not their real names), who have a seven week old daughter (Gravy-you know the drill by They are both very supportive of us on our journey and are always willing to chat to us about every point we pass. However, Boney has an incredibly hard time dealing with the fact that they fell relatively easily and finds it very difficult to open up and speak freely around them. Today she feels, "Will I ever have our own little bundle of joy to love and hold?"

In the car on our way home, we got to chatting with each other about how the NHS word their approach to all of this matter. You'd have thought that these people would have maybe consulted a Thesaurus or similar, looking for gentler words for how they inform patients with the intention of their upcoming tests and procedures (we hate that one word alone). As I'm sure you all aware, when you see that brown envelope on your door mat, with NHS on the corner, you dread opening as you know that the way it's going to be worded is something akin to being abducted by a UFO and having strange alien experiments performed upon your person.

We discussed this at length (well a two hour drive will do that to you) and came up with an alternative dictionary for the NHS to use:
Process = Journey
IVF, AID, etc = Assisted Conception (AC)
HSG = Just Like A Smear Test
Trans-vaginal Scan = Ultra Sound

We felt there was no need for the NHS to word letters that are obviously daunting and sent to couples going through a stressful time with their journey, who may well feel intimidated and inadequate at this particular time. If you received a letter better worded and more compassionate in it's content, I know that I would feel less stressed before attending the appointment before the time actually came. This isn't a rant against medical professionals, as they are always caring and supportive when you're with them, throughout the whole of your time with them, as they always clearly explain the tests that are being made at the time and put your mind as much at rest as they can. It's just the administrators who send the letters, who don't put any consideration into the amount of stress that certain words can produce within certain people.

If the NHS took into consideration then maybe, some people might not look at this type of journey as being so stigmatised.

On a different direction, we do sort of wish that we directly knew another couple who have been along this Journey that we are now travelling ourselves. However, we don't know where the next steps will take us and we don't know how far along we need to go. Is it going to be one of those journeys that is only one stop or are we going all the way? Tonight, at this time, we don't really know. Only time will tell.

Take care out there and thanks for reading...

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Day After The HSG

Boney here:
Yesterday at four o'clock I had really bad period-like pains in the lower area of my stomach, after some pain killers and a good nights sleep, I now feel ready to go shopping!

So for all you ladies out there, and husbands and partners alike, please do not worry about an HSG, because I am the worlds WORST worrier, and it just felt like a Smear, but much more daunting, as it was in a much bigger room, with the x-ray machine above you and the letter that you receive doesn't make any comparisons to a Smear-like procedure (which it pretty was) and this would have been helpful and reassuring.

It states in the letter that there could be pain and bleeding afterwards, similar to the symptoms of a light period, but for me, the bleeding was very, very light and stopped within about an hour and the pain was only a grumbling/nagging discomfort.

So if you and your husband/partner have to go through this, my recommendation is to have them wait on and look after you like Mutt has for me and get a take-away that evening to congratulate and thank each other for being there for one another, as there is nothing else you can do until the consultant takes us further along our journey to make a baby, which is the reason why we are here.

Lots of love Boney and Mutt...

P.S. Decided to attend the Dr's on Thursday, seeking reassurance about the pains I was suffering. Spoke to a great Doctor, who has dealt with us from the beginning of our current journey, he explained what I was feeling was just the dye floating around in my abdomen area and it needed to settle down and disperse, then the discomfort and pain would go away.

As if by magic, I woke up Friday morning in a much improved feeling and mood, not suffering any of the previous days pains.

Monday, 13 September 2010

After The HSG

Boney had her HSG performed today...

For those not familiar with the term HSG or Hysterosalpingogram, it is a medical procedure, using an x-ray and a contrast dye that is injected into the uterus through the cervix to gauge if there are any blockages within the womans womb or fallopian tubes to prevent the egg from reaching it's correct destination.

All things considered, she said that it wasn't her worst ever experience of hospital procedures, nothing worse than a Smear Test (not that I know what one of THOSE feel like), even though the letter received from the hospital did make it seem like a fairly in depth and "threatening" procedure, Boney reported afterwards that the staff were all very kind and supportive. I asked if I'd be allowed in to be with Boney during the x-ray and they did say that I was able to go into the room, however Boney did decide in the end to go it alone.

There was some good news from all this though, the radiographer had a look at the films straight afterwards and reported that he couldn't see any structural anomalies within the fallopian tubes or the uterus that would prevent the egg from following it's correct course, which to us is a great relief, obviously. We just need now to find out the base reason for our not falling pregnant.

Here's to hoping...

Sunday, 12 September 2010

HSG Tomorrow

As I mentioned in the first post, Boney is going for an HSG tomorrow and she has been very nervous about the whole idea. We've asked questions of medical professionals, who have given both her and myself very good reassurances about the whole process. Boney has also been prescribed a decent medication for her nerves (though, as time draws closer, I think I could do with a dose, she took one tonight and is currently away with the fairies, hopefully it'll still be the same tomorrow when she takes the second one.

We've been a little fraught with each other over the past week or so, due in part to nerves and a fear of the unknown (we've no true idea of what to expect tomorrow) but also due to decorating issues too. That's all over and done with now for the time being, so hopefully after tomorrow, the nerves should settle somewhat.

I'll try and get back tomorrow to let you know how everything went...thanks for looking...

Thursday, 9 September 2010

First Post

Hi, and welcome to the first page of our blog whilst trying to conceive.
We are Mutt and Boney (not our real names, obviously) and we've been married for four years. We've been trying for a baby now for, around about, a year and a half, with no success.
The primary reason for this blog, is to tell our story, seek out advice, chat to others in a similar position and to, maybe have a few laughs and (hopefully) fewer tears.

We're currently going through the process (and there's no other word) of fertility testing on the NHS. Boney is having all sort of tests done (ultra-sounds, hormonal blood tests and a HSG (Hysterosalpingogram-try saying that, I (Mutt) have already submitted one sperm count and have been given a very low result (1.2 million) but with good percentages otherwise, I still have got one more to submit for the specialist and am hoping that the result will have improved, as since my last test, I have been on a regime of zinc and folic acid, as I read that this can increase sperm numbers and motility.

Well, that's the introductions done for today, hopefully I can check in regularly and post thoughts, feels and notes. Also, Boney will be adding her thoughts and feelings too.