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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Another Referral

Today we went for our re-referral visit, saw a lovely consultant. She was so encouraging and enthusiastic, and was so positive to Boney, especially over her weight loss, which Boney has been doing so amazingly, five stone and counting. The consultant also said that with Boney's exceptional weight loss that she has so far achieved, the initial BMI for treatment has been moved from 30 to 32, for when the drug regime can begin, providing that my semen analysis comes back in good order.

It is such a relief off of our minds to know that we are now beginning the journey for real this time and not just a stopgap visit, but truly moving forward now. Our hearts are now filled with a new hope and determination to lose weight and achieve our wishes and goals. When we came out of the hospital, we were virtually unable to talk, as we were so, so happy. Now is our time to shine and branch out, making 2013 our fullest year of positivety...

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