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Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Waiting Game

Here we are, week 39 today, and we are waiting. Patiently or impatiently, I don't know? We sit and talk to Bumpy, feel the movements and kicks. We also sing to them, as well, which always gets a response, jiggling and kicking.
The wait at times can be at times agonising, but it also means that the jobs Boney wants doing, just to make sure our home is complete and totally ready for Bumpy's arrival. We've already organised moses basket upstairs and down, the steriliser is in place in the kitchen, the changer, wardrobe and all the clothes and other bits we have already purchased are in their room. The feeling of the impending responsibility is immense, but the feeling of knowing that we have the bits and pieces we need, in place and ready to go, lifts a weight off of our shoulders.
However, there are still things that need to be done, jobs that are necessary to ensure our house is a proper home for a baby to arrive in. Pictures to be hung in rooms, dressing up rooms with furniture and getting rid of rubbish and stuff that is no longer required. These are the jobs I have had to get stuck into this weekend, so that I can try and "relax" next week before Bumpy comes along to wreak havoc on our empty lives. I mean this fully in jest, as this has been ten, long, hard years in the making, we are now getting so excited about the fact the we will meet our child in a few short days, the sleepless nights, the dirty nappies and the regular feeds mean the world to us. Although we look forward to these, we know that the baby will make us feel tired, irritable and grouchy, but furthermore, we know we will love them unconditionally.
Boney had a bump painting done and, to say the least, it looked incredible. It was funny to watch, as the lady was painting around Bumpy, they kept pushing back and kicking. But for Boney, it was a very chilled out and relaxed experience. You can find the lady who did this for us on Facebook, at Summer Faces.

So that, dear reader, is that for this entry, so until next time, see you soon, maybe with the third member of our family here with us.

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