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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Results Day

Well, today Boney and I had to go and see our Consultant at the hospital in regards to our fertility tests.

We got to the hospital in plenty of time, however, the Consultant was running behind schedule (which is nothing unusual, really) and we ended up waiting the best part of an hour past our appointment time. His secretary led us to his office and we sat down and had the usual pleasantries, then we got down to the business of us being there.

The results of the HSG the Boney had gone through and her ultra-sound showed that structurally she was perfectly capable of carrying and her hormonal analysis was obviously fine, as this wasn't even mentioned. Me, on the other hand, that's a totally different story. My sperm count has gone up 25%, to 1.5 million little swimmers, however, that's no where near enough for what we need, so we are now having to head down the assisted conception path on our journey. There is one positive to see from this, at least my sperm count is on the up, as my best mate said.

The method that the Consultant recommended for us, is call ICSI, a form of IVF whereby they use my sperm and Boney's eggs, introduce them in a clinical environment and once they've been fertilised, return them to Boney's womb, in the hope that they'll implant. The only thing that is currently making us wait for this, is that we need to lose weight. Boney needs to have a BMI of 29 or lower before the NHS will consider taking us on. For Boney to reach this goal, she needs to lose a further 4.5 stone, but she is aiming for 5 stone, as this will mean that she has fallen a decent distance below the target weight. I'm going to be pursuing the same sort of loss, if only to be able to run around after my own child, as and when they come along, and also the be able to keep up with my god-daughter once she's up and running around.

This part of the journey is going to be as rough as all hell, but with determination and power of will, we WILL succeed. Feel free to post any and all encouragement that you wish, I know there are days ahead when I'm going to need this support of those other than my beautiful Boney  and she too will be the same I'm sure.

Thank you for reading and good luck to you on your journeys, where ever they may take you...

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