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Saturday, 25 September 2010

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Well, quite a bit actually...

During this journey, Boney and I have had some extreme ups and downs. This is to be expected during this time of our lives, but it still makes things seem pretty hard. There's the usual arguments, though none of them attach blame to anybody for our current situation, there's also the silent treatments me expose each other to. But we're working our way through so much at the moment, obviously.

I can remember a particularly bitter argument we had, I'll spare you the details, but in the end I slammed a door with enough force to knock over a picture frame, which escalated things, hurtful things were then said, then there was more shouting and hollering at each other, whereupon Boney stormed upstairs to have some space. With in, maybe, 30 seconds, she's calling out to me to come and cuddle her, as there was a report on the news on the radio that had disturbed her. 1 or 2 seconds after that, I was holding her in my arms and comforting her.

My reason?

Even though we may argue over stupid things, simple things, trivial things, major and minor things, Boney is my wife and I love her to pieces, she's my world, my universe, my reason for being. The arguments are part of that love and because of that love we're going along our journey, hoping each month that the BFP will show up for us.

Those of you who are in the same position as we are, please, don't blame one another or try and push each other away. Talk amongst yourselves, to your family, to your friends. Even though they may not have been through what you're going through, they may well know someone who has or is, and might even be able to pass on a few wee nuggets of priceless advice. I hope we can do that for you too.

Take care out there and look after yourselves, cheers for reading...

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