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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The First Real Day Out There

I'll say one thing, straight off the bat, it was freezing! Although I was well wrapped up in my coat, jumper and natural layers of insulation ( and it was about 6-7C, it felt a damn sight colder than that. I even made an observation to one of my colleagues as we passed a garden at about one o'clock this afternoon. There was a large-ish flower pot filled with water and there was ice on top of it, brrrrr...
Anyroads, had a quick look at the distance we had to walk today and it ended up approximately two miles of solid walking, plus pathways and driveways. My legs are feeling it now, I'll say.
It must have done me some degree of good, because I'd built up quite an appetite for when I got back home.
I have, however, noticed one negative of this weight loss thing I'm trying to do. As I shrink, my clothes feel bigger, so it means that at some point, pretty soon, I'm going to have to buy some new clothes and I hate having to do waste good money on clothes that could buy some new DVDs or go towards something far more important, like Boney?
Anyhow, until later, TTFN...

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