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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Day After The HSG

Boney here:
Yesterday at four o'clock I had really bad period-like pains in the lower area of my stomach, after some pain killers and a good nights sleep, I now feel ready to go shopping!

So for all you ladies out there, and husbands and partners alike, please do not worry about an HSG, because I am the worlds WORST worrier, and it just felt like a Smear, but much more daunting, as it was in a much bigger room, with the x-ray machine above you and the letter that you receive doesn't make any comparisons to a Smear-like procedure (which it pretty was) and this would have been helpful and reassuring.

It states in the letter that there could be pain and bleeding afterwards, similar to the symptoms of a light period, but for me, the bleeding was very, very light and stopped within about an hour and the pain was only a grumbling/nagging discomfort.

So if you and your husband/partner have to go through this, my recommendation is to have them wait on and look after you like Mutt has for me and get a take-away that evening to congratulate and thank each other for being there for one another, as there is nothing else you can do until the consultant takes us further along our journey to make a baby, which is the reason why we are here.

Lots of love Boney and Mutt...

P.S. Decided to attend the Dr's on Thursday, seeking reassurance about the pains I was suffering. Spoke to a great Doctor, who has dealt with us from the beginning of our current journey, he explained what I was feeling was just the dye floating around in my abdomen area and it needed to settle down and disperse, then the discomfort and pain would go away.

As if by magic, I woke up Friday morning in a much improved feeling and mood, not suffering any of the previous days pains.

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