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Thursday, 24 February 2011

A New Hope...

No, not Chapter 4 of Star
In a recent post I mentioned that I was out of work, well, after a phone call this morning, things are now looking up. I have been offered a position with a large energy supply company on their sales and conversion teams. We're hoping that this could be the beginning of a run a good luck and fortune for us and that we can now look forward to things coming good for us at last.
I'll say one thing, it has taken a massive amount of stress out of our lives, the feeling of relaxation is almost palpable, there's not so many cross words or ill feelings. It just generally feels so much better.
Anyroads, that's my update for today, I hope everyone else out there is having good luck and good feelings given to them, thanks again for reading, good luck and good times to you all...

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