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Sunday, 11 September 2011

It's Been A While

I thought I had better come back to here, so that I can provide some kind of update to those who come to here to see my blog.
Things are moving at a snails pace, sadly, due to the fact that here in the UK it's a requirement of women who require assisted conception need to be of "normal" weight so that they can be treated on the NHS. Boney is not a slender lady and that's the way I love her, but, because of this stipulation, she needs to lose weight for us to be able to move forward. She has made HUGE progress up to this point, she's lost the better part of four stone and kept it off, however, this isn't good enough for the medical experts, who want her to lose a further four stone, so that her BMI is within set parameters. Obviously, this is bloody hard work and I am trying to be a good supporting husband, but sometimes I don't do as well as I should.
We are due to go on a holiday, very soon, so hopefully, the relaxation of this holiday, combined with needing something to work towards, will help us BOTH kick-start a healthier approach and exercise routine for our lives.
If there are those who come here looking for answers or questions, please don't hesitate to ask or give advice. We both like to hear from others, who may well be in a similar situation to us, so that we can network with you and, hopefully, give support and reassurance as and when it's wanted or needed.

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