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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Firstly, I am going to apologise for keep taking breaks away from here, life just seems to get in the way and I keep forgetting to pop onto here and vent my spleen.
However, starting from today, I'm going to try and change that! I'm trying to lose weight to try and help our chances, no matter by how little that could be. I will be weighing once a week and then posting onto here and saying if things are going good or bad, also, I will be coming on, hopefully, every day and using this as I had intended, as a journal of the journey that we are going to go through.
I will now take this chance to try and enlighten you a little on my personal history, as I feel my current situation is a kind of full circle on my own personal conception.
I, like all other babies eventually, was a rather expensive child, you could say. I was conceived in a very exclusive postcode up in London, Harley Street to be precise. My parents chose to take their journey to parenthood via the assisted conception route, as my dad had an easily passed on condition and they wanted the best for any child they would have. They chose AID (Artificial Insemination by Donor) as IVF was not available and would not be available until roughly a year after I was conceived. My parents went through the heart ache of trying twice with no success and gave it one last try and as luck would have it, the third time was the charm, as the old adage goes.
My mum and dad decided to tell me of their journey when I was about eleven years old and there happened to be a Horizon program on about AID. They got me to sit down and told me to watch the telly, then after it had finished, they explained to me that was where I'd come from. My response? I just turned around and said, "Well my dad is my dad, can I go out and play, now?" and that to me is what it is, it doesn't matter where your genes come from, the people who raise you are your parents. Their morals, personalities and beliefs shape the person you become, be that a church minister, a car mechanic or a shop assistant.
Sadly, both of my parents have passed away, they were both young, dad being 50, in 1994, and my mum being 53, in 2006, but during their short, but full lives, they instilled in me enough life lessons and kindness to exist far beyond their deaths. I hope, that given the chance to be a dad, I can halfway match what my dad and mum were and are.
So, from tomorrow, I am going to succeed where before I have given in too easily. I intend to do my best and, with some ups and downs, I will get my weight down to something sensible and not so doctor baitingly high. Until tomorrow, when I come back with the horrific hill I have to climb, TTFN...

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