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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Beginning Of The Climb.

Well, as promised yesterday, here I am with the weight I will begin with...Twenty five stone, six and a quarter pounds. I weighed in at about half eight this morning, then went and had the first of my meal replacement shakes (not as bad as I thought they might be...?). Went through till about twelve and had another one (I wouldn't recommend the chocolate one, not as good as the strawberry one), then had dinner at around six o'clock or so, ended up having half of a pizza, half a garlic bread and half a bag of mix salad, finished off with an apple and two plums. Must remind myself to drink plenty though, as I did forget to keep drinking...oops.
Not too bad for the start, I'd have said, but what do you think?

On a slightly different note, Boney wasn't in the best of moods today, VERY upset. We'd spent some of Christmas over with friends who have a young child, and Boney got upset about that. I try to be supportive, but I can't think of anything to say that can give any comfort and I feel that this must surely antagonise her. However, come this evening, we're back on good terms and chatting about tomorrow and the plans for the next year.

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