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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year

Well, happy new year to everyone. Hope all is well for you and yours and that 2012 brings with it all your hopes and dreams.
2011 wasn't the worst of years for myself or Boney, but then again, it wasn't the best either, we both lost motivation and just let ourselves get bogged down with the negative energy that we both got caught up in. Now, with the beginning of 2012, we're going to pick ourselves up and get back to it. between Christmas and New Year, I actually managed to lose weight, a total of 5 lbs in the 4 days I was actually counting, so I intend to keep on going. I know that it's a big figure to lose in a short period, but I know things will begin to level out in the very near future and I'll have to work harder to move my weight.
I do find the evenings a tougher time regarding food at the moment, as by the time it gets to about half seven, I'm wanting to have something to eat, but now, I go for a bit of fruit or some carrot sticks, whereas before, I'd go for a bowl of cereal or even chocolate, so I know I'm making better decisions than I used to make regarding my food, however, I know eventually I'll have to cut these bits out as they don't do me that much good.
Today I feel wasn't too bad for food though, as I started the day the way I have been, with one of my meal replacement shakes, made with water (250ml), then I made sure I drank a couple of  pints of squash. We popped out around midday and by the time we'd gotten back home, it was around three in the afternoon, so settled on having dinner (admittedly it wasn't the healthiest of meals, as it was a Chicago Town individual pizza, a handful of oven chips and a half a garlic baguette), then around about half six I had a tortilla wrap filled with mix salad leaf and a small amount of mayo, just as a snack, but I also had a bag of crisps (151 kcal), so kind of undone some of the good work. Come half seven, I thought I'd better have my last meal replacement shake, again as above. Since then, till now (00.30) I've not eaten anything, however, I'm now starting to feel hungry and it's times like this I know will be my hardest times as I'm not a great sleeper, but for me boredom, stress and need of comfort are triggers for eating, however, I'm asking you, dear readers, to be my conscience and my sounding board, as and when I need you.
Thank you for listening and reading, till next time...

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